Manners Build Confidence

Etiquette Austin offers individual and group training for children and teens in table manners and social skills. Classes are held in a home setting using china, silver and linens to give participants the experience of a multi-course instructional meal and the camaraderie of socializing at a dining table. Meals are social events and we stress the fun of enjoying time with others without embarrassment or fear of doing the wrong thing. Groups are limited to eight participants. The small group format has the benefit of two instructors who demonstrate and explain the skills as we go through the session. Students gain confidence practicing and mastering new habits.

Manners Give an Advantage

Good manners are a wise investment in the future. Celebrations, job interviews, social occasions and business transactions often involve sharing a meal. Like it or not, people are often judged based on their manners. The benefit of knowing and using proper etiquette gives students a distinct edge.

Manners are Lifetime Skills

Children are coached in sports and tutored in academics to give them an advantage on the playing field and in the classroom. Learning proper table manners and social etiquette is another important way to prepare students for lifetime success.